The Grasslands are abstractions of real and imagined grasslands of planet Earth. They are composed exclusively of short, wavering vertical lines. The density of lines and variety of colors vibrate and fluctuate in a visual parallel to the wavering motion of an actual field of grass.


The Flowerfield paintings are inspired by the vibrant colors and textures of natural fields of wildflowers.  These paintings are composed primarily of short, wavering vertical lines in harmonious layers of rich colors. 


The Mountainscape paintings are inspired by foliage colors and the extreme texture of land found in mountainous areas.  These paintings are composed primarily of short, wavering vertical lines in harmonious layers of earthy colors.  Gradations of light and dark create the feeling of peaks and valleys. 


The Riverscapes use a combination of vertical and horizontal lines to evoke the gentle flow of water though an abundant grassland. As with nature's riparian environments, they welcome the viewer and impart a sense of life's constant flow.  


The Seascapes are composed exclusively of horizontal lines of varying lengths and widths. Some are composed of lines that span the entire length of the canvas. Others are made using very short lines that vary in width and length to convey depth and motion.


The Sealines are composed exclusively of millimeter wide lines that cross the entire canvas horizontally and overlap in an organic manner. The lines are straight or undulating and create optical effects through color relationships and extensive layering.


The Starscapes are completely abstract and create a visual experience that is far removed from nature. Created with a profusion of multi-directional lines, they utilize systematic application techniques that explore the potential of various forms of line as a basic component.


The Mandalas are composed of millimeter wide lines layered densely and arranged in many different overlapping directions. This profusion of lines coalesce in the eye of the viewer to create a centralized design.